Font: Trubetzkoy (Serifed IPA Phonetics)


"Trubetzkoy" is a serifed phonetics Unicode font, both in OpenType PostScript (.otf) and in TrueType (.ttf).

The professional solution for serifed phonetics (IPA, API, Lautschrift), for scholars and academic typesetting.

More than 2600 characters in the font. NEW 2010 version supports Unicode 6.0 characters.

Features: All IPA phonetic characters, all accents, all superscripts, all subscripts, all modifiers, all diacritics and tone marks. Placement of diacritics much better than in standard fonts.

Recommended reading: G.K. Pullum and W.A. Ladusaw, "Phonetic Symbol Guide" (Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago 1986).

See "Phonetica" for sans-serif phonetics.

Trubetzkoy continues to be available in its legacy format and encoding (Type 1 and TrueType for Mac) for compatibility with older documents. Technical updates available directly from MacCampus.

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