Font: Phonetica (Sans-serif IPA Phonetics)
Phonetik, API-Lautschrift


"Phonetica" is a sans-serif phonetics Unicode font available for Mac OS X and Windows, both in OpenType PostScript (.otf) and in TrueType (.ttf).

The professional solution for sans-serif phonetics (IPA, API, Lautschrift), for scholars and academic typesetting.More than 1300 characters in the font.

Features: All IPA phonetic characters, all accents, all superscripts, all subscripts, all modifiers, all diacritics and tone marks. Placement of diacritics much better than in standard fonts.

Recommended reading: G.K. Pullum and W.A. Ladusaw, "Phonetic Symbol Guide" (Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago 1986).

See "Trubetzkoy" for serifed phonetics.

Phonetica continues to be available in its legacy format and encoding (Type 1 and TrueType for Mac) for compatibility with older documents. Technical updates available directly from MacCampus.

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