CampusSans Light & LightItalic

(Pan-European Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic)


Price category: single weight B, both weights C
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See also: CampusSans; CampusSans Narrow, CampusSans Narrow SC, CampusSans Block
Note: This Unicode font incorporates all the characters and features of our older separate fonts Ladoga-Light (Cyrillic), HCentral-Light (Latin), plus many new additions (Modern Greek, Lisu, many more Latin characters). Ladoga-Light and HCentral-Light continue to be available in Type 1 format for Mac directly from MacCampus.

Campus Sans Light & Light-Italic: pan-European character sets: extended Latin character set for Western and Eastern Europe, modern (monotonic) Greek, and Slavic Cyrillic - plus bonus alphabets like Lisu. Over 1400 characters in the font!

Font formats: Unicode OpenType PS and TrueType for Mac OS X and Windows. Same font files for both platforms.

Bonus features: Punctuation, numerals, various mathematical, technical and other symbols, selected Dingbats.

Download the data sheet for the font.