CE Fonts - East European Languages, Mac CE encoding

Slavic Languages: Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Sorabian
Baltic Languages: Estonian, Lithunian, Latvian
Finno-ugric: Hungarian
Other: English, German

These fonts are PS and TT fonts for Mac OS 9 (and earlier), also compatible with OS X and Unicode (requires language kit-compatible version of the font). Samples show bitmaps set at 12 points.
Links lead to individual font pages and indicate that a cross-platform Unicode in OpenType and TrueType for OS X and Win is available.

CE-Font 01a: TCentral (plain, bold, italic, bolditalic) PS + TT
CE-Font 02a: TCentral (TrueType only)

CE-Font 01b: HCentral (plain, bold, oblique, boldoblique)

CE-Font 03: HCentral Light/Black (light, black, lightoblique, blackoblique)

CE-Font 04: Paltus CE (plain, bold, italic, bolditalic)

CE-Font 05: Schoolbook CE (plain, bold, italic, bolditalic)

CE-Font 06: Courier CE & Nimbus Mono CE (light, bold & regular, bold)

CE-Font 07: HCentral Narrow (plain, bold, oblique, boldoblique)

CE-Font 08: Nimbus Roman CE (plain, bold, italic, bolditalic)

CE-Font 09: Nimbus Sans CE (plain, bold, oblique, boldoblique)

CE-Font 10: Nimbus Roman SC CE (small caps, plain)

CE-Font 11: Magister CE (book)

Encoding: Macintosh CE encoding + support for Croatian
Keyboard driver: Many country-specific keyboard drivers included plus general CE keyboard drivers (based on Western keyboards);
Features: PostScript and TrueType versions with identical widths and screen-fonts; Roman identy or CE identity available;
Weights: Four weights per package;
Formats: PostScript Type 1, and TrueType;
: Polished bitmaps for all weights. Nimbus Roman CE and Nimbus Sans CE for very small point sizes!

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