Font: Preslav (Latin and Cyrillic)

Preslav is a font that implements the look and feel of a Mediaeval Cyrillic font - for Cyrillic as well as Latin. It is named in honour of the Bulgarian town Preslav -- the second capital of Bulgaria, and its capital during its "golden era" under tsar Simeon (9th--10th century). It is there that the Cyrillic alphabet was developed as a mixture of Greek letters (whereever possible) and Glagolitic letters (for those sounds that Greek did not have letters for).
Please note: this font is not recommended for Old Church Slavonic! See our Method font instead!
The font has a pan-European character set, including numerals, ligatures etc. It works best in larger point sizes, just as the original hand-drawn letters.
Formats available are Unicode OpenType PS (.otf) and Unicode TrueType (.ttf) for OS X and Windows.
Designed and created by Sebastian Kempgen.

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