Oriental Fonts • Fonts für den Nahen Osten und den Mittleren Orient

1. Cuneiform - Keilschrift

Font: Dareios (Old Persian Cuneiform, Altpersische Keilschrift)

Dareios - Cuneiform

2. Sabean Script • Old South Arabian • Altsüdarabisch • Sabäisch
Altnordarabisch • Old North Arbian • Ancient North Arabian • Dadanitic

Font: Marib Outline & Marib Solid (left to right and right to left included)

Sabean • Old South Arabian • Marib

Sabean • Old South Arabian • Marib

Dadaitic • Old North Arabian • Marib

3. CampusRoman Orient: everything combined (plus Latin...)

4. Sumertime: legacy orientalist transliteration font; features available now in CampusRoman Orient

Transliteration for Semitists

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