Cyrillic Fonts: Moskva Pro
(regular, bold, italic, bolditalic)


"Moskva Pro" is a serifed Cyrillic font. The professional solution for scholars and publishers alike. Offers what others don't. Or if they, it does it better.

Weights: regular, bold, italic, bolditalic

Formats: Unicode OpenType PS and Unicode TrueType (OS X and Win). The Unicode version of our popular "Moskva" font.

Character set: Slavic Cyrillic incl. complete historic orthography. Includes all superscripts, titla, number signs etc. See samples page.
Latest version is up-to-date with Unicode v. 7.0.

Slavic Langues: Russian, Ukrainian, Belorusian (White Russian), Serbian, Bulgarian, Macedonian (for all languages: contemporary and historic orthography), Old Russian, Slavonic etc.

Bonus feature: Latin characters (West and East!), including complete transliteration for Cyrillic

For Mac OS 9 and for compatibility with legacy documents, "Moskva" continues to be available in classic PostScript Type 1 and in TrueType format for Mac.

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