Method Narrow (Cyrillic Old Church Slavonic font)

(Altkirchenslawisch, Altrussisch, Altbulgarisch, Altserbisch, Kirchenslawisch,
Altslawisch, Old Russian, Old Bulgarian, OCS, Old Serbian)

"Method Narrow" is the narrow companion to our famous "Method" font - the first and still the best for Old Church Slavonic academic typsetting. See sample in context.

Includes all historical characters, accents (titlo etc), superscripts etc. "Method Alt Narrow" (included) has many design variants. Have a look at the special features (Method and Method Narrow).

Method Narrow - when space is of the essence. Just like in the old days, when parchment was expensive.

Bonus feature: font has matching Latin and Greek alphabets built-in! For mixed headers etc.

Three dedicated keyboards allow convenient access to the complete Unicode OCS character set (for Mac OS X only). See Method Keyboards page.

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