Cyrillic Fonts: Ladoga Narrow


"Ladoga Narrow" is a Cyrillic font available for OS X and Windows. Identical font files for both platforms.
The professional solution for sans-serif Cyrillic! Also available for Mac OS 9, compatible with Language Kit, in PostScript and in TrueType.

Weights: regular, bold, italic, bolditalic

Formats: Unicode OpenType PS and Unicode TrueType (OS X and Win)

Character set: Standard Cyrillic incl. historic orthography

Slavic Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian (White Russian), Serbian, Bulgarian, Macedonian
(for all languages: contemporary and historic orthography).

Bonus feature: Latin characters (West)

Updates to the OpenType PS version are available for registered customers.

Need more Features? Ladoga Pro has more Cyrillic characters (non-Slavic), more Latin characters (East and West), more accents etc. -- Non-condensed variant is Ladoga.

Price category / Preiskategorie: A (single weights) and C (all four weights)

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