Font: Kronstadt (reading primer; Schulbuch; Lesebuch; Fibelschrift);
Latin West and East, Greek, and Cyrillic

MacCampus Kronstadt regular
"Kronstadt" is a sans-serif font that features a few character designs that differ from standard "Swiss" fonts (see table). Fonts like "Kronstadt" are preferred for children's books, reading primers etc.
"Kronstadt" combines our formerly separate PostScript fonts Lesebuch and Kronstadt into a Unicode font with a much extended character set. (Lesebuch and Kronstadt continue to be available as PostScript Type 1 fonts for the Macintosh directly from MacCampus. Order info here.)
Encoding: Unicode. OpenType PostScript and Open Type TrueType. Latin (West and East), Cyrillic (Slavic), Greek.

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