Glagolitische Fonts / Glagolitic Fonts: Kirill & Glagol
(Bulgarian or Round Glagolica & Croatian or Square Glagoljica; Glagolica, Глаголица)

Latin Part of Round Glagolica (font: Kirill) and Square Glagolica (font: Glagol)
Uppercase characters shown here

Kirill and Glagol -- the standard in Academic typesetting for Glagolitic texts. Created by Sebastian Kempgen.

From v.3 these fonts have a matching basic Latin alphabet following the same desing principles as the Glagolitic fonts. Round and square Glagolica have different designs - see above! This is a first in typographic cross-over design for Glagolitic.

"Alt" versions have character variants - just as for Glagolitic itself.

Lowercase designs (not shown here) differ from uppercase designs - less ornamental or using alternate design.

The Latin portion of both fonts also have all Croatian characters.

Go the "true" Glagolitic page/main font page. See some background information about the history of Glagolitic type.