Available now: CampusRoman Pro

The "Swiss Army Knife" of our fonts: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic
Coptic, Phonetics, Diacritics, Currency, Punctuation, Numbers,
transliteration for Armenian, Georgian, Glagolitic plus many more scripts
Makes the Western world readable! Use as a "fallback font" where other fonts fail.

The indispensible tool for philologists, linguists, medievalists, scholars.
Offers better diacritics than standard fonts.
Unicode v. 7.0 (July 2014) compliant - test compatibility today!

Price category: C = 45 EUR/US $; B = 30 EUR/US $ Bildungsbereich/edu
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CampusRoman Pro: The MacCampus Unicode reference font. 5.000 characters in the font. Supports 133 Unicode 7.0 additions (Latin, Cyrillic, diacritics, punctuation, currency).

Font formats: Unicode OpenType PS and TrueType for Mac OS X and Windows. Upright (regular) only.

Especially tailored for philologists, medievalists, linguists, Slavists, scholars of German philology, for use in German dialectology etc.

May be embedded in scientific papers without restrictions.

Download a presentation for the new Unicode 7.0 characters in the font. Datenblatt in Deutsch.
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